APA Citation Style
Here are some examples of how to list some commonly used sources from the King's College Library according to the style of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Citing Books
An article on Reiter's syndrome by Rebecca Frey from the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine would be listed as follows:

Frey, R. (2006). Reiter's syndrome. In J. Longe (Ed.) Gale
Encyclopedia of Medicine
(pp.3181-3182). Detroit: Gale.
Citing Magazine & Journal Articles
Article From an Online Dabatase

Here is an article from the online Gale database "Health and Wellness Resource Center" as it appears in the search list.

Multiple sclerosis.(DIRECTED READING) Susan Blumenthal. Radiologic Technology.
March-April 2006 v77 i4 p309(17).

Here is how it would appear in your list of sources:

Blumenthal, S. (2006, March-April). Multiple Sclerosis.
Radiologic Technology, 77(4), 309-326. Retrieved June 14, 2006,
from Health and Wellness Resource Center database. (A144151149).

The "retrieved" date will be the date you pulled up the article. The "A-number" in parenthesis above will appear at the end of the text of the article.

Article From a Print Journal

Finesilver, C. (2003, April). Multiple Sclerosis: Defenses gone awry. RN, 66(4), 36-45.

This article was written by C. Finesilver. It was published in the April, 2003 issue of RN and started on page 36.
Citing Web Sites
An article on asbestos accessed from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Web site would be listed as follows:

Cox, J., & Searfoss, R.(2003, October). Asbestos. Retrieved June 1, 2009 from
More Help
Other examples can be found at the APA Style home page under FAQs, or at the Bedford/St. Martin's research site.

The following books in the library are also a quick reference for finding examples and/or in-depth explanations for citing sources:

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
REF 808.06615 PUB

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

A Writer's Reference by Diana Hacker.
REF 808.02 HAC   (Look for APA tab)

A Writer's Reference

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