Business Courses - Supervisory Management
  • 50 companies that changed the world : incisive profiles of the 50 organizations, large and small, that have shaped the course of modern business
    Call # 338.7 ROTH
  • Centuries of success : lessons from the world's most enduring family businesses
    Call # 338.709 O’H
  • American business history : case studies
    Call # 338.74 A512a
  • Design your own effective employee handbook : how to make the most of your staff
    Call # 658.455 DEV
  • The Accountant’s Business Manual
    Call # REF 657 BEH I
    Contains information on different types of organizations such as sole proprietor, partnerships, corporations, S corporations, etc.
  • Business Plans Handbook
    Call # REF 658.4012 BUS
  • Organization charts : structures of 230 businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations
    Call # REF 658.402 ORGA
Online Databases
For great information on business and individual companies, go to the library’s subscription databases. To access these from the library’s homepage:
  1. Log into "Search Databases" on the Library’s home page. The username and password are available from the library staff or your instructor, as well as from the library brochure for your program.
  2. For information on individual companies, go to Hoover’s. Hoovers Find its icon on the Database Directory page.
    Another good source for specific company information is Business Insights Global. To access this database, click on the first icon, L.I.R.N. Library and Information Resources Network on the Database Directory page.
  3. At the next screen click on InfoTrac.Proquest
  4. Scroll down near the bottom and find the icon for Business Insights Global. Business InsightsBusiness Insight Global is especially good for company histories.
  5. For general business information, select ProQuest Proquestfrom the LIRN menu. Click on the Business tab.

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