Library Policies
Loan Periods
Books - two-week checkout with one renewal for an additional 2 weeks, provided no one else has asked for them.
Audiovisuals - overnight checkout by students with approval by an instructor.
Magazines - current issues may be checked out overnight. Back issues circulate the same as books.
Overdue Materials
  • Reminder notices for overdue materials will be posted on the Student Message Board in the hallway on the first floor of the Administration Building.
  • A student who has more than 2 books overdue will not be allowed to check out additional books.
  • In the case of lost books, the borrower will be charged a fee dependent on the value of the book.
  • All overdue books must be returned or paid for before a student’s grades will be released at the end of the term.
  • No student with outstanding library accounts will be cleared for graduation.

No books, magazines, or other library materials are to be taken from the library without proper checkout or permission of the librarian.

Proper care of library materials is not just good citizenship; it is the law. North Carolina General Statute Chapter 14-398 says any person who shall “unlawfully take or detain . . . or cut, tear, deface or destroy . . . any book, document, newspaper, periodical, map, chart, picture . . .” belonging to a library will be guilty of a Class I misdemeanor, if the loss does not exceed $50. If the loss or damage exceeds $50, the act is a felony.

Of course, library materials are meant to be used; the purpose of the rules is to make sure the library’s resources are available to everyone who needs them.